Here you can explore the content of a handbook that describes how to support SMEs in a cluster (a local industrial area, a business park or the SMEs in a municipality), to improve the sustainability of their businesses by taking energy efficiency and renewable energy measures.

It explains useful steps and activities for coordinating a collective approach to providing this support and targets primarily the coordinator (the Trusted Partner) but also supporting organizations and energy service suppliers. Explore the different parts of the handbook, via the visual below. We recommend that you start with A collective approach – the concepts.

All information from the handbook is presented in this part of the website in such a way that you can easily find the parts that are relevant for you. Information is offered in separate pdfs that are up to a couple of pages long. The handbook is also available as one complete pdf download. A more concise summary of the handbook is also available. This version also includes revisions and clarifications, based on the experiences gained through the implementation of the four use cases.